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Why is the Japanese mani game better than the Euro game?

By now you probably know about Square Enix’s recent announcement that it’s bringing back a mani-inspired RPG to the Switch, which is a big deal considering that the Japanese games industry is already thriving thanks to its own AAA game series, Final Fantasy.But you might not know that Square Enix also announced that they’re also […]

How to get a manicure and pedicure in 2019

The U.S. and France are the two nations that have the most popular manicures and pedics for children, according to a new survey from the Children’s Alliance.The report, published Tuesday by the Alliance, the organization that coordinates child care for the children of the U.N. General Assembly, says that France has a child-friendly calendar and […]

French manicure box office: Best and worst manicures ever, from ‘Gone Girl’ to ‘Mona Lisa’

LONDON — Fashion-forward fashionistas will have a treat when it comes to buying a manicure in this year’s British Fashion Week.The top 10 best manicures for men are as follows: 1.A.Lange & Sohne “The Rose of Sharon” by A. G. Lange.This stunning gold nail art from the designer’s catalog is available for $15,995.The nail is […]

How to buy acrylic nail polish

We’ve got some tips for how to buy nail polish, but how to find a good one?We’ve rounded up some of the best nail polish brands in the world to get you started.1.Shop online The nail polish world is big, and it’s hard to keep track of all the brands that are currently on sale.We’ve […]