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Bodies found in car on Milan’s motorway

A car is on fire in Milan’s central square.A man has died in hospital after a fire broke out in the car he was driving.Police are investigating and it’s unclear whether the incident is connected to a terrorist attack.A total of 14 cars have been involved in the blaze in the central area of Milan’s […]

When You Think You’ve Got The Perfect Dipped Manicure Kit: This Is A Lot Of Faux Art

You know when you’ve spent the day combing your hair and all you have left is a comb, a brush, and a pair of scissors?When you look around, you might find that your salon has gone completely off the rails. And then you think about how many of those salon owners are wearing faux-leather manicures. So, if […]

When the sun is shining and the rain is still coming down, why is your manicure so bright?

What’s that?You’re having a manicure?That’s right, that’s the title of this article, where we will explain to you why the sun should be shining and that you should be having a french manicured haircut.The best thing about this article is that it’s easy to follow along and understand.What does this mean?You’ll have to read the […]