5-Day Manicure for $40 from ‘Manicure Cost’

The manicure cost of a 5-day manicure is around $40.

This comes from a blog post titled 5-Days Manicures Cost $40 at Beauty Cost website.

It seems that the manicure costs around $5, with the rest being a mix of products.

It is unclear how these products are priced.

However, this blog post states that the products are $5 per manicure and $5 for the whole manicure.

This is likely to be the case as there is a similar blog post for the same manicure by the same person.

According to this blog, the products range from $10 for the most basic product to $30 for the priciest products.

The blogger, who is not identified, also suggests that you get a $5 or $10 discount if you buy the same products. 

According to this post, you can get a 5 day manicure for about $40, or a 10 day manicurise for about $50. 

This post was last modified on June 30, 2018 at 11:38 am.