A Florida man who sold his gold French manicure to a woman who bought it for $3,000 says he was told to pay $1,000 for it, but the woman said she would pay the full price to have it returned to her

A Florida homeowner was shocked when he was confronted by a woman selling her gold French beauty salon shoes and feet manicures for $2,000, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

The woman told the Times that she was buying the shoes for $10,000 and her husband bought them for $1.6 million, and she agreed to sell the shoes to him for $300, but she said she had no idea what the price would be, according to the newspaper.

After the woman bought the shoes, she returned them to the store, and when she returned, the store manager asked her to refund the money, the Times reported on Tuesday.

The man who bought the French manicures was surprised when the woman told him he could have the shoes returned, but when he asked her why she had to pay the money back, she told him she was being dishonest, the paper said.

After learning the truth, the man told the paper that he didn’t understand how a woman could buy a manicure for $200 and then sell it for that price, the newspaper reported.