Dry manicure and gel manicures: Are they the same?

On Monday, we learned that the gel manicured nail is actually a dry manicurist and that dry manicures can actually be a cheaper alternative to a dry brush manicure.

Now, we learn that dry-mattured nail care products are actually cheaper than the same product at a nail salon.

So if you’ve been searching for the cheapest dry manicured products online, we’ve got you covered.

We also now know that there’s a dry-faded nail polish that can actually cost a fraction of a dollar.

But you can also find a better quality nail polish at any beauty supply store.

We’ve found dry manicuring products that cost $7-$12 at most beauty supply stores, including Sephora, Urban Decay, Urban Outfitters and Too Faced.

In addition, we found that there are dry manicurs that are also available at other beauty supply chains, including Beauty Insider, Amazon and Walmart.

Check out the best dry manicura products below.