France’s gel manicure has hit the shelves

French manicure makers say they have made a splash with their new gel manicures that are available for purchase online.

French manicure maker Gel L’Artisan said its new gel nail polish, called Pompidou, has been popular among customers, and it has now launched a limited run of 50,000 of them in a variety of colors.

The new Pompids are the first to be sold through a website that allows consumers to pre-order and pay for their own supply.

The company said customers can choose a color from a pool of 13 colors and customize the polish to their liking.

Customers can also order a larger size for $15.99, a $10.99 larger size that is also available for $10 and a $8.99 smaller size for an additional $8 each.

The new Pumps will come in a range of colors, from pink to purple.

The gel nail is also now available for women.

“Gel manicure is a new, innovative product for women and we’re really excited to have this product to bring to the market,” said Julie Faucher, Gel L’, Artisan’s CEO.

“We are so pleased to be able to offer this gel manicuring service for women.”

Gel L’ Artisan said it has sold the first 5,000 gel manicured Pumps in its first six months.

The company said it will start shipping the new products this fall.