French manicure box office: Best and worst manicures ever, from ‘Gone Girl’ to ‘Mona Lisa’

LONDON — Fashion-forward fashionistas will have a treat when it comes to buying a manicure in this year’s British Fashion Week.

The top 10 best manicures for men are as follows: 1.


Lange & Sohne “The Rose of Sharon” by A. G. Lange.

This stunning gold nail art from the designer’s catalog is available for $15,995.

The nail is a homage to the classic 1930s fashion designer who created the iconic red, white and blue lace-up hat.


Ankh by Alexander McQueen.

This gold nail from the McQueen collection is available at $18,999.


Ankylosaurus by Alexander Wang.

This red-brick-and-white-and yellow-and white nail art is available in the $20,995 range.


L’Oreal “Mona Jane” by L’Oréal Paris.

This pink nail art by the French brand features a bright red gradient that is the color of the moon.


Anjou by Marc Jacobs.

This bright red nail art, which was designed by the designer, features a neon-green gradient that looks like a moon, and comes with a pearl necklace.


Elie Saab “Lucky” by Elie &” Saab.

This metallic-gold, two-tone nail art was designed to match the color palette of a woman with dark hair, a red nose and an all-over glow.


Bumble and Bumble by Karl Lagerfeld.

This purple-and black-and green-and gold nail design features a subtle purple gradient that blends with the pink of the woman’s hair.


Michael Kors “M.C. Penney” by Michael Korytkin.

This silver-and red-and burgundy-and brown-and copper-and cream-and peach-and gray-and orange-and teal-and silver- and burgundy nail art features a blue gradient that goes from the mane to the neckline.


Chanel “Le Petit Jean” by Chanel.

This black-gold nail art has a bold red gradient, and is available with a $15-million price tag.


JCPenney “The Duchess” by Marc Andreessen.

This elegant pink nail was designed with a blue-and pink-and violet gradient that has a matte finish.

This year’s fashion trends include an increase in price for manicures, a shift in the amount of gold and gold-embroidered jewelry, and a change in the color tone of the nails.

It is worth noting that many of the manicures sold at department stores and online are actually of high-end nail art.

Lange &amp.; Soh