How manicured garden gets you into a serious car crash

The manicured gardens at your favourite local shops can get you into serious car crashes.

But they’re often more a sign of how much the city is enjoying the holiday than of its dangers.

1:28 The manicurist who works in your local shop can also get you in serious car accidents.

A recent study conducted by the University of Queensland, which analysed crash data for the past 10 years, found that there were 8,742 incidents involving pedestrians, cyclists and drivers on the streets of Brisbane between January 2011 and December 2013.

That’s about one per day.

The report says the main reasons for the increase were pedestrians and drivers moving around on the pavements and the use of footpaths, as well as pedestrians and cyclists being distracted by other pedestrians.

“There was a greater level of pedestrian activity in the city, particularly in major intersections where pedestrians are much more likely to be distracted by pedestrians or vehicles,” Professor David Williams, who led the study, said in a statement.

It’s estimated there were around 1,000 collisions involving pedestrians or cyclists a year in the Brisbane CBD.

But Professor Williams warned it’s impossible to know exactly how many of those crashes were caused by people driving too fast, and whether the increased risk was due to increased visibility or poor road etiquette.

He said a study done by a private firm in 2013 showed that there was a 50 per cent chance a pedestrian was in a collision with a vehicle when they were at a distance of 1.5 metres from a pedestrian crossing.

Professor Williams said while he had seen the increase in accidents in the CBD and on major roads, he was not aware of any cases of serious injury.

That’s not surprising, he said.

What is surprising is the number of crashes that people are still being involved in.

Some of those accidents can be fatal.

In May 2016, a pedestrian fell from a bridge on the Brisbane River, seriously injuring her, and killing one of the bridge’s three occupants.

Another pedestrian died in May 2017 when a vehicle hit them on the footpath at the intersection of Victoria Street and The Rocks.

And a driver was hit by a cyclist on Brisbane’s main thoroughfare on June 2.

Brisbane has recorded more than 7,000 pedestrian and cyclist collisions over the past decade, the University says.

There have been more than 1,100 fatal collisions with vehicles since 2010.

More than half of those have involved pedestrians and there have been nine pedestrians killed by vehicles in that time.

On Monday, police released new figures showing they had recovered more than 400 motor vehicle collisions involving cyclists and pedestrians in 2016.

While the number is small, it means the number and seriousness of collisions has increased, Detective Sergeant David Macdonald said.

“This is a result of the greater awareness that pedestrians are being more likely than motorists to drive over pedestrians,” he said in the statement.

“Pedestrians and cyclists are also more likely and are more likely on busy roads to cross traffic and cause collisions.”

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