How to apply nail polishes to your nails

article How to Apply Nail Polishes to Your Nails 1.

Take your time applying the polish.

While it may seem that the polish will dry out, keep in mind that the nail polish itself is not waterproof and may stain your nails or even be scratched if it dries too quickly.2.

Apply a thin layer.

When applying the nail polish, carefully apply a thin coat of polish.

You want to apply enough to cover the entire nail.3.

Apply the polish with a little more force.

Apply less polish than you think is needed and then pull it off with your fingers or a flat head screwdriver.4.

Apply with a soft brush.

You should use a soft polish brush and apply it with your nails to avoid damage.5.

Wash your nails after applying the polishes.

Rinse with warm water and dry your nails.