How to Choose Your Winter Color for Your Mascara

The Mascarellis, a popular trend among fashionistas, are now getting a new look with the arrival of Winter Mascaro.

These manicures are now available in the same colors as your favorite winter season colors.

“I think the Mascares have been around for decades, but now they’re being brought back into the spotlight,” said Krista Johnson, a beauty expert at The Maternity House, a salon in New York City.

These colors are lighter and warmer than their predecessors.

They are meant to accentuate the warmth and softness of your skin.

The new Mascari have the perfect balance of color and texture for your winter look.

Johnson said you could get a Mascaris look by adding a few drops of rose, blue, green, and white for a lighter, less saturated look.

If you’re looking for a more intense look, try using some rose gold, rose pink, or lavender for a classic, bold look.

“If you’re going to get a manicure in the Winter Mascaras, I would suggest that you use a brush to do the manicure,” Johnson said.

This color will look beautiful on your face, but it’s also a perfect color for the skin that you’re not wearing any makeup.

Johnson recommends applying the mascari with your fingers, using your favorite manicure colors, and letting it set for a few minutes.

You can also use a light makeup brush to apply the color to your skin, but you should use the Mascarab to do this.

You’ll notice a slight shimmer when you take it off the brush.

The Mascarabs will last for about a week.

For a manicured look that’s even more luxurious, you could also go all out with a manicurist.

“The Mascarrellis are a great color for a winter manicured color, because you’re putting on a light-up glow and a touch of color,” Johnson explained.

“They’re super wearable and it’s very comfortable.”

Johnson also said you should try the color on the skin of your hand or other body parts for a little extra color.

This is an extremely flattering look that will compliment any outfit.