How to Make the Perfect Dipped French Kiss

Style guru James Styles, who has been on a mission to perfect his signature manicure style, says he’s finally on the right path.

“My last manicure was a little bit too long,” Styles said in an interview with The Associated Press.

“I made it a little too long and it made me look pretty short.”

Styles, a New York City native, created a series of manicures for women in the 1970s that he said were meant to be a “manicurist’s salon.”

His goal was to help women create a perfect, full-bodied, and vibrant look.

He said his style is very much about “a man’s beauty.”

He says he was inspired to create a look when he noticed that many women who used to wear a “pouty” style of a manicure or eyeliner, and that many of them were in their 20s and 30s.

“They looked like they had been through a lot, but they didn’t have the confidence of men,” he said.

Styles said the goal of his work was to “make a man look better and he looks better.”

He said that he believes in what he does and that he hopes people will benefit from his products.

Styles has sold about 2 million manicures and more than 2 million eye cosmetics, including eye cream and lip gloss.

“The beauty industry is all about changing perceptions,” he told AP.

“It’s about changing the way people look at themselves.

People look at a man and say, ‘He’s not looking good.’

I just want to make people look better.”