How to make the perfect nail polish, with the help of the internet

The Internet loves nail art, and that’s why the media has spent the last two years trying to help nail polish creators get their craft on.

And we’re here to tell you that this isn’t the case.

It’s true, there are hundreds of Instagram posts and Pinterest boards dedicated to making your manicure perfect.

But these tutorials are all about nail art and are meant to help you make your nails look like the ones you’d find in your favorite nail salon.

And there are tons of tutorials that are better than others.

Here are the best nail art tutorials we’ve seen on Instagram.


Nail art tutorial with kabuki and shuriken nails with a brush and glitter tutorial by @jessica-wilson, via Instagram.


This tutorial is for the best way to do a nail manicure with a large brush and small glitter, via instagram.


This nail art tutorial from @gloria-gomez is the perfect tutorial to have at the ready if you have a big brush and little glitter.


This is an Instagram tutorial that is the best one to try for a nail art manicure.

You can’t go wrong with this one, which also features a lot of different styles.


A nail art nail art from @lindsaylennon is really well done and the colors are a little different than what I’m used to. 6.

This Instagram tutorial with a little bit of glitter is a great way to get started with your manicures, and this one features a great glitter polish to start with.


A beautiful nail art video by @susana_horta has an interesting twist on nail art.


This photo tutorial by Lisa L. was one of the most popular of the Instagram nail art photos, and the polish is a nice match for the colors.


This looks great with a light pink color, a dark purple one, and a neon pink one.


This video tutorial by #pussycatgiraffe features the best video tutorials for nail art on Instagram, and it features some really amazing nail art with different colors.

This one has a lot more glitter and looks really great.


This beautiful nail design by @mickpennylives is the ultimate tutorial for a manicure using glitter and a black brush, and if you’ve never done nail art before, it’s definitely worth a try.


A very simple tutorial that shows how to use a black nail polish brush and some nail polish glitter, by @lilysjane, via Insta.


This manicure tutorial from #lilymikefancy nails the best of the best, but there’s more to this tutorial than meets the eye.


This simple tutorial shows how you can make your own glitter nail polish using a small spray bottle, via @danieljane.


This YouTube video tutorial shows you how to make your first manicure from scratch, and you can see the process in action on the video.


A gorgeous nail art photo by @rachaellewis has a beautiful twist on the idea of a nail polish manicure that includes the glitter.

And, as you can tell, she’s a professional photographer.


A great tutorial by Instagram beauty artist @jodiefitz, who is also a makeup artist, shows you a few tips to make a perfect manicure without any glitter.