How to save $3,000 on your nail salon nails

Nail salon owners have to keep up with changing trends in nail polish, which has led to a surge in prices and more complicated designs.

The manicure trend has seen some of the cheapest designs on the market become a bit too much for some nail salons.

Nail salons across Australia have been forced to take a hit, with some losing a third of their profits.

The new trend of the ‘average’ manicure is taking the industry by storm, with designers pushing out designs that are much cheaper than the more expensive designs.

Some nail saloons are taking the new trend to extremes.

In Melbourne, one nail salon has taken to selling $20,000 manicures and having them made in a few weeks time.

“This is what we’ve been doing for the last 10 years and we’re now taking it to the next level,” owner Ben Jones said.

“I think the average manicure has gone up by about $300 and we’ve just seen it explode over the last couple of months.”

It’s just crazy because you’re making about the same money as you would make in a salon.

“There’s not much difference.”

The trend has led some salons to resort to buying custom-made nails for customers, with prices escalating to $4,000 for a top-end manicure.

Some salons are charging more than the average, while others are just taking a bit more of their customers’ money.

One nail salon in Sydney, for example, is charging a whopping $3.6 million for a manicure that costs just $300.

“We’re going to make this manicure,” said owner Michael O’Connor.

“For $3 million we’re going straight to the studio and working on a custom manicure for our customers.”

It’s not just nail saloon owners who are suffering, as the new style of manicure can be quite expensive.

Some people have had to turn to buying nail polish in a box instead of a jar.

“People have to have a bottle of polish and then a jar of nail polish to have something to dip your nails in,” Ms O’Neill said.

Some salon owners are taking to the internet to promote the new nail art style.

A group called the Australian Nail Artists Association has set up a website that allows people to order custom manicures from a variety of designers.

The site allows customers to make requests such as what colour and style they want their nails to be, how long it should take to dry and the size of the nails they want.

Customers can also make requests to a number of nail artists and nail salon owners across the country, including Ms OO’Connor, Mr Jones and Mr O’Connell.

“You’re able to get custom nails made for you,” Ms McEwen said.