I just received this adorable manicure idea that really looks like a dog

I received an email from my friend that I really want to share with you.

The idea is a simple one: buy a bottle of blue dye that has a cute, cute picture of a dog.

That means a picture of your dog, or of your cat, or your cat’s dog.

I want you to write in the note “blue dye for dogs” and send it to me.

I will read it and decide if I like it.

The process is simple: 1) Write down what your dog looks like in a picture and 2) send it back to me with a note that says “a cute picture is the best way to get my attention.”

I like the idea of a simple idea like this, and it seems like the perfect way to celebrate Halloween.

Here is a link to the Etsy shop with the adorable dog dye.

It will cost you $8, which is a little less than half the cost of a full bottle of the dye, so if you want to get started, this is a great way to start.

Do you have any fun ideas to share?

Tell me about them in the comments!