Manicure bowls to be scrapped for free

MONDAY, August 15 (BTA) — The sale of manicure bowls has been put on hold. 

The Football Italian understands that the sale of the product will be suspended until the Italian Super Cup finals are over. 

At the end of the final weekend, the product that will be sold will have to be donated to charity. 

We have received a request to suspend the sale. 

But we can’t make a decision until the final results of the competition are known. 

A sale will continue to take place for now, however, the sale will only be allowed after the final result of the football competition has been announced. 

However, the official hashtag for the sale has not been changed. 

It’s also not clear when the sale would resume. 

According to a statement by the league, “the sale of manicures is a tradition that has been taking place for many years and the decision was taken due to the competition and the importance of the match to the Italian and international football.” 

But the Italian league is still working on an official statement. 

Earlier this month, Italy’s top football federation, the Supercuban, warned that the competition’s “fantastic” atmosphere would be “undermined” by a lack of sponsors and that the atmosphere could be “diminished” by the ban. 

And the Italian government’s health minister has been accused of being in league with anti-doping authorities in his decision to ban the use of the steroid cortisone in professional football.