Manicure stickers for the French…

A French manicure product company has launched an online shop offering a variety of stickers for manicures in France.

The company, called L’Artisan de la Manicura de la France, launched the “lifestyle” product in June to mark the country’s 50th birthday.

The product is a collection of five stickers and three patterns which can be purchased in packs of 100.

The products are designed to be easy to apply, as the company says it requires no special equipment and no more than 20 to 30 minutes to complete a manicure.

The company says the products are suitable for all ages, but that the products can be used by children and adults as well.

The prices range from 25 to 300 euros.

The first collection was launched in Paris and the rest are scheduled to be launched across France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Spain.

The new products include one for men’s hair and one for women’s hair.

The new French manicures come as the country prepares to celebrate its national day on March 1.