‘Miso’ is a Japanese manicure that’s perfect for a girl

A manicure inspired by the Japanese manga, Miso, is making its way to the United States this month.

A limited run of the manicure will be sold exclusively at Miso Japan and will be available at participating retailers on February 16, with retail prices starting at $129.99.

The manicure comes in a variety of different designs, including a simple red-and-white print that’s meant to be worn on the arms, legs and feet.

In Japan, MISO is known for its bold colors and playful stylings, and this latest manicure may be a way to bring out the Japanese artist’s creativity.

“Miso is a manga that is considered one of the best manga in the world, and Miso’s characters are always depicted as being very strong and very brave, which is a pretty unique combination for a Japanese artist,” said Miso artist Masashi Okazaki.

“The colors that Miso uses are so colorful and so vibrant that they are quite unique, so the designs of this manicure make it a lot more colorful and more interesting for the audience to watch.”

Miso’s creator is known to dabble in Japanese, too. 

“The story in Miso is about the struggle between two girls, and they meet each other through their own hardships,” Okazaki said.

“I really like the idea of creating a manicure to match the feeling of these two girls and their struggle.”

The Japanese artist has created over 150 pieces for Miso and his latest project is not only inspired by that manga, but it also looks great on the wrist. 

Okazaki said he hopes to sell the full set of Miso designs and will offer them for sale through MisoJapan, the company’s official store in Japan. 

(For those interested in buying Miso but aren’t sure where to start, there are also online stores in the United Kingdom, China, and Australia.)