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German police seize 1.6 million bottles of champagne as it enters holiday season

A manhunt is underway in Germany for a man accused of selling hundreds of thousands of bottles of white wine and champagne to unsuspecting customers in an attempt to get them to buy Christmas presents.Police in the eastern city of Bremen said on Monday they seized a total of 1.65 million bottles and 2.6 tons […]

Dip manicure tips

From the dip manicures to the tips, here are some of the most important manicure articles of 2018.1/6 Get the right style Dip manicures are often criticised for being too simple and straight-forward.But they’re not really about style.Instead, dip manicuring is about creating a range of different looks with a variety of different products and […]

Manicure stickers for the French…

A French manicure product company has launched an online shop offering a variety of stickers for manicures in France.The company, called L’Artisan de la Manicura de la France, launched the “lifestyle” product in June to mark the country’s 50th birthday.The product is a collection of five stickers and three patterns which can be purchased in […]