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How to make your white manicures look like Tootsuk’s white manicured skin

When I was in high school, my parents bought a new house in Atlanta.It was a beautiful new house.And there was a new white manicurist there, a gorgeous woman named Toot. Toot’s manicure was the most gorgeous manicure I’d ever seen.It looked like a white person’s face, with a white mustache. But Toot’s white mustache was a […]

When it comes to nail polish, it’s the right thing to do

By Michael K. LonsdalePublished Nov 04, 2017 10:00AM ESTDETECTIVE investigators are seeking answers to two new questions about how the deadly outbreak of shellac manicures spread: Were nail polish dealers who bought from the retailers who sold the dangerous nail polish responsible?And why?In an effort to answer those questions, the Centers for Disease Control and […]