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A look at the amazing gel manicures from around the world

Posted January 08, 2018 16:11:57 When you’re looking for a unique way to add an extra layer of style to your manicure look, the gel manicure can come in handy.With its shiny, metallic gel formula, gel manicurists have come up with a range of innovative gel products to help boost your complexion.Gel manicure tips and […]

‘Manicure’ to be ‘a permanent, life-long commitment’: French manicure guide

It’s time to stop using manicures and pedis as temporary solutions for manicures that you can buy online or in stores.Manicures are the permanent solution for any manicure problem.But they’re not for everyone.The most common mistake people make when they buy a manicure is to buy the wrong manicure, which can lead to a permanent, […]