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France’s gel manicure has hit the shelves

French manicure makers say they have made a splash with their new gel manicures that are available for purchase online.French manicure maker Gel L’Artisan said its new gel nail polish, called Pompidou, has been popular among customers, and it has now launched a limited run of 50,000 of them in a variety of colors.The new […]

Shellac French manicure returns with a new twist, new look

French nail polish company Shellac, which was founded in 1851 and is the largest French nail brand in the world, has returned with a bang with a bold new look.The French manicurist’s first collection, called Shellac L’Enfant, is a collection of new manicures inspired by classic designs and vintage styles.The line is launching with the […]

Putin has been in a state of manicure-induced depression for nearly a year

Russian President Vladimir Putin has had a manicure crisis for more than a year, a state-run news agency reported.Putin’s manicures and cosmetics were the subject of a series of public displays in recent months.The Russian president, who has not been seen publicly since January 2017, was in a manicured garden with his wife, a spokesman […]