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Which type of manicure best suits your style?

The term “natural” refers to the natural appearance of the hair.Natural means it’s naturally grown.The word “pink” is considered to be natural.“Glow in the dark” refers the color that you’d see if you had a glow-in-the-dark lightbulb.“Pinkish” refers natural light that doesn’t glow.“Pale pink” is usually pink.“Light pink” tends to be light.Natural light is a […]

Why is the Japanese mani game better than the Euro game?

By now you probably know about Square Enix’s recent announcement that it’s bringing back a mani-inspired RPG to the Switch, which is a big deal considering that the Japanese games industry is already thriving thanks to its own AAA game series, Final Fantasy.But you might not know that Square Enix also announced that they’re also […]