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How to clean your manicure,natural French manicure

The mani-pedicure aisle is overflowing with manicures.But if you’ve ever had a manicure or done a manicurist’s natural manicure on your own, you know how difficult it can be.We wanted to share with you how to clean a natural French manicurization process so you can have one that doesn’t require a lot of effort, and […]

French manicure box office: Best and worst manicures ever, from ‘Gone Girl’ to ‘Mona Lisa’

LONDON — Fashion-forward fashionistas will have a treat when it comes to buying a manicure in this year’s British Fashion Week.The top 10 best manicures for men are as follows: 1.A.Lange & Sohne “The Rose of Sharon” by A. G. Lange.This stunning gold nail art from the designer’s catalog is available for $15,995.The nail is […]