The beauty of nail polish: gel manicure for your nails

4.9k FourFour two hundred and twenty nine times A gel manicurist will always look a little more glamorous than the professional nail stylist, but there’s a lot to love about a gel manicured nail.

You get a beautiful, smooth finish that will leave your nails looking so pretty even after you’ve worn it for a while.

The best thing about gel manicures is that they are so easy to use.

You can even wear them for a day or two and still look gorgeous!

Here are the main benefits to gel manicuring: It gives your nails a beautiful shine when you apply it.

Your nails will feel like they’ve been groomed, with no clumping or glueiness. 

The gel makes it easy to apply the gel.

Gel manicures don’t leave any sticky residue, and your nails don’t have to be soaked in a lot of water.

Nail polish is also incredibly hydrating.

It can even be a perfect match for your nail polish remover and moisturiser.

All you need to do is apply gel manicura to your nail tips and then use a nail polish brush to gently rub on the gel to help make the polish shine.

You’ll want to make sure that your nails aren’t wet or clumped.

I love gel manicuras, and it’s something I have always wanted to do.

However, I also think that gel manicurs are a little pricey, especially for the price of a nail salon manicure.

What are some of the best gel manicurers out there?

Check out the best nail salons in Australia to find the one for you. 

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