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French manicure stickers have made their way into the fashion business, and it looks like we may soon have another hit in the making.

According to a new report from the British clothing publication Next Big, French manicures are now being sold in stores across the United Kingdom, including in fashion hubs like Burberry and Primark.

The company says it has been selling these in stores since September.

These stickers come in a variety of designs, but the one we’re talking about is one that resembles a mannequin and includes a little mannequins head, hair, and eyes.

The manneurals are made from a polymer that will bond to the fabric of the manicure.

These products were first introduced in 2016, and are now widely available in both men’s and women’s stores.

According the Next Big report, there are currently over 500 brands using these manneurs, with many more expected to follow.

In addition to these French manicurists, the brand also sells some men’s haircuts and manicure pads.

They are also expected to expand into the home décor business, where they are making men’s bedding and even a collection of men’s handbags.

In the meantime, the product is just a small part of the French manicuring boom.

Next Big says there are more than 700,000 people in the UK who have applied for the French nail art certification, which is a way to prove your skills.