When a blue manicure was so popular it was banned by the UK’s top beauty brand

I’d had a manicure from a blue gel called Blue and it was great, but I knew that it would never be the same again.

I had to make my own blue manicures for the rest of my life, so I started researching other brands that use this popular and incredibly high-quality product.

When I finally found the right one, I didn’t just want to try out their formula but to try it out myself. 

When I was shopping online, I discovered the Blue-Gel Blue Nail Art. 

It is a new high-tech nail art made from a super-fine gel of green, red and blue.

It has the same high-performance technology as other gel manicures and its design is super flexible and can be changed depending on how you want it. 

I tried it out with a couple of friends and they were loving it.

After a few weeks of trying, I decided to take it to a makeup artist.

After trying several different colors, she said I had a good manicure and would like to try using it for my own. 

After I got home from the makeup artist, I immediately went to the beauty counter at my local department store and bought a full pack of the gel. 

There was so much gel on the counter that I had already purchased four. 

So I walked around the counter and took out my own gel manicurist.

I was so excited that I almost cried when I saw her reaction.

She said that she loved it and thought it was perfect.

I’m not sure how long I was crying. 

She went back to her shop and started applying the gel and my friends, who were having a blast, were having a blast too. 

Once it was done, I was super excited to put it on and was ready to go out. 

My friends were super impressed with the way the gel looked and how easy it was to apply.

I wasn’t really sure how they felt about the gel but it was obvious that I liked it.

I’ve never been more excited to try a new nail art product. 

Now, I’m excited to share with you all about my Blue-Mint Mascara! 

It has a great firm texture and is really easy to apply! 

I used my usual two coats and applied it with the gel tip.

I applied a second coat with a tiny bit of cream and then my usual cream and a little bit of water. 

The mascara looks so natural and perfect! 

The gel manicured nails had a lovely texture that didn’t look too artificial and was easy to get on and off with the gel tip. 

Blue-Mints are made of gel that’s super strong, long lasting and easy to clean! 

Blue has been one of my favorite brands for years and now I have a manicured moustache from their brand! 

Have you tried Blue-gels before?

If so, what do you think of them? 

Are you excited to hear more about the Blue Gel Mascara?