Which colors will you buy for your next holiday party?

The next big holiday party is coming, and it might not even be your parents’ birthday.

If you want to make your kids jealous, the internet is your friend.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of all the different holidays that your kids can make you happy with a rainbow manicurist.

Here are some of our favorites, and what you can get for them:Black Christmas The best time to get your kids a little bit of holiday spirit is right before Christmas.

It’s the perfect time to dress up, share presents, and play with your kids.

To celebrate Black Christmas, make a rainbow necklace with beads and yarn.

You can even make a black velvet bag for your kids to wear.

This is a great gift to make to your kids and they can make their own Christmas presents.

Rainbow Christmas Gift Ideas Rainbow Candy  A colorful rainbow candy is perfect for kids who want to have a festive holiday party.

You don’t have to buy the rainbow candy yourself, you can buy rainbow candies from the rainbow gift shop.

Rainbow candy is best for kids between 4 and 12 years old, but adults should make their candy themselves.

They can mix and match different colors of rainbow candy for their own decor.

Rainbow Candy Gift Ideas Candy Cane  This is a good way to celebrate Black History Month, and you can make a few cute Easter decorations with your homemade candies.

Just make sure to cut the candies in half, because it will look like you are trying to hide a cupcake.

The candies will also be edible, so you can serve them to your guests.

You could even use them to decorate a cute cake for your family.

Rainbow Cane Candy A good way for your children to have fun is with a colorful candy.

You’ll find many different kinds of colorful candies, so try out the ones that are the most colorful.

Rainbow Chocolate  Just like candy, chocolate is a popular gift for kids.

You won’t have much to choose from, but you could try different flavors of chocolate.

Kids will love that chocolate is filled with chocolate chunks and a dark chocolate flavor.

Rainbow Chocolates Gift Ideas Chocolate Cupcakes Make your own chocolate cupcakes for your birthday party.

These colorful cakes are perfect for sharing.

You only have to cut one piece of chocolate and cut the other piece in half.

Make sure you don’t leave too much chocolate on top, because you can just sprinkle the chocolate on the cake and you’ll have an amazing birthday party dessert.

Chocolate Cupcake Gift Ideas Sugar Cane Cake Make this sweet sugar cane cake with some homemade icing and decorate it with colorful sprinkles.

It will be a festive gift for your sweetheart.

Sugar cane cake is a traditional gift for women, so it’s a good time to make one.

Sugar Cone Cake Gift Ideas Pink Ice Cream Cake Make your own pink ice cream cake for an ice cream party or dessert.

The frosting is made from powdered sugar and the frosting contains lots of sprinkles and glitter.

This gift will make your friends jealous, and your kids will love the sprinkles too.

Pink Ice Cone Gift Ideas Birthday Cake You can decorate your birthday cake with colorful candles and candy.

This cake will look really cute, but it’s even more fun to make it yourself.

This dessert is best served with ice cream, chocolate chips, or a sprinkling of glitter.

Birthday Cake Gift Idea Ice Cream Sandwiches Make these delicious ice cream sandwiches for your friends or family to share.

This can be a great way to get kids excited about winter.

Make a sandwich that’s made with your own homemade ingredients and freeze it for later.

Ice Cream Sandwich Gift Ideas Cake with Ice Cream This cake with ice creams is delicious.

It makes a great birthday gift.

You just have to slice your cake into little pieces and place them on top of the cake.

You will be the envy of your friends and family.

Cake with icecream Gift Ideas Snowball Cookies Make these colorful cookies for your guests or for yourself.

You may have to mix and mix different kinds, but they’ll be tasty enough.

Snowball cookies are great for kids, because they’re so cute and the flavors are so fun.

You might even be able to use them as decorations for your own party.

Snow Ball Cookies Gift Ideas Easter Cookies These colorful Easter cookies are perfect to share with your children and loved ones.

They are colorful and cute, and they are easy to make.

Easter cookies can be used as gifts for a wide variety of occasions, but this year they are especially perfect for your Easter parties.

Easter Cookies Gift Idea Frosting for Easter Cake These frosting can be made with a few different flavors, so make sure you try out different combinations of flavors.

Frosting can also be used to decorating cake,