Which woman is your favorite manicure photographer?

A couple months ago, the first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, took a selfie with her boyfriend, photographer Anthony D’Antonio, on the steps of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. “I like to say that my style is inspired by the White House,” Melania said of the photo shoot.

“It’s the best photo of my life.

You’re just like, ‘You’re beautiful!’

I’m like, I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with you.”

D’Angelo is an internationally recognized professional manicurist and has worked with both President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania.

“In our relationship, I’ve been asked, ‘How do you keep your hands together?’

And, ‘What are you doing to your face?’

It’s like, you know, you’re not doing anything wrong,” D’Alessandro told CNN.

“You can’t go to a bar, and be doing a manicure, because it’s so boring.

It’s not a glamorous thing.”

The former models and celebrities who were in attendance at the event included actress Meryl Streep, rapper Jay-Z, actor and director Billy Bob Thornton, musician Katy Perry, rapper Drake, actor Dwayne Johnson and actress Eva Longoria.