‘Wicked’ French manicure for men is the first ever from an American brand

French manicures are becoming increasingly popular in Europe.

This year’s Wicked French manicured men’s collection is the world’s first ever to be produced in America, as well as the first to be manufactured in Europe for American men.

The French brand, which has been around since 1872, has created a line of manicures that feature classic French styles such as a rose and apple and the iconic blue eyes, red lips and red lipstick.

The brand’s manicures feature an intricate design of flowers, skulls and skulls, and are available in three different colours, red, white and black.

Wicked French was founded by French designer Christophe Froux in the late 1800s.

The manicures and other products from his collection have become so popular that they have sold out at auction in Paris.

Froue’s son Nicolas, who runs the company, has been the head of Wicked French since it was founded in 2012.

He has since been making a name for himself as an artist, designer and designer of men’s and women’s beauty products.

The collection includes five different designs for men’s manicure.

They include a classic rose and the white eyes, a red lips, a rose with black eyes and a black lips.

The most unique product in the collection is a red lipstick, which is the second most popular nail colour after black.

The red lipstick was inspired by the shape of the nail.

The men’s nail polish is also inspired by Frouer’s work, with the blue eyes and red lips.