You’ll see the ‘real’ Valentine’s Day at a New York City nail salon

NEW YORK — A New York nail salon will be offering a special Valentine’s day event on the second floor of its flagship store on Valentine’s Eve to celebrate the city’s rich history. 

New York’s new downtown store, called The New York Nail Salon, will host a special event for customers, and employees will be making sure to dress in their best and brightest on Valentine`s Day.

New York nail salons typically offer free manicures and pedicures, but The New England Nail Spa is the first to offer free pedicure.

Owner Tanya Smith, who said she`s known the store since 1997, said the decision to include the special event was a reflection of the city`s rich history of manicures, pedicues and pedi-pens.

“There`s so much to love about New York,” Smith said.

The store has been in business for almost a century, but the first store opened in 1885 and now operates more than 50 locations across the city.

Smith said she was looking for a way to honor the citys rich past while also providing a fun and different experience for guests.

Smith said that while her staff will dress to the nines on Valentine�s Day, there will be no pedicurys.

She said she plans to offer complimentary pedi, pedi pedic, pedis pedic and pedis perine to the customers who attend the event.

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